Cause Of Anxiety Attack

Anxiety So it’s very therapeutic to take your mind off the ruminations of thoughts about the stressful situation you find yourself involved.

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Reduce your stress and tension with a soothing and relaxing massage when you need it. When it flares up! Get when you need it most. Did you know that anxiety or panic is a normal reaction to stress and that it can in the premises, at the office or if you are studying for a final exam. When anxiety becomes excessive to the spot when it interferes with your life or your work it turns into a disabling disorder.

AnxietySo here is the question. Anxiety disorder affects about 2 of the population?

Most experts reckon that anxiety disorder stems from a combination of psychological and physical factors, while for the most part there’s no clear set of causes for an anxiety/panic attack.

So in case someone in your family has anxiety/panic disorder, you are at an increased risk for developing it. While having a baby, or getting married, it should seem that look, there’s a connection between this disorder and major life transitions like graduating from college and entering the workplace. As a result, loads of us are aware that there is a tendency for anxiety/panic attacks to run in families. Nevertheless, look, there’s another theory that anxiety/panic attacks are caused by alterations in the biochemistry of your brain, especially in norepinephrine, serotonin, and ‘gammaaminobutyric’ acid activity. You should take this seriously. It’s thought that people who are subject to panic attacks are unwittingly sending alarms to this part of the brain which could wreck havoc with your perspective. So this theory holds that anxiety/panic attacks are caused by overactivity in what’s called the locus ceruleus.

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